Order your copy of Goldrush’s latest CD, Those Golden Days… Are Here Again!, for $20.

Email Frankie at fwalters49@gmail.com or send a check with a return address to:

Goldrush Band
911 Washington St. #102
Raleigh, NC 27605


The Goldrush Band has had the pleasure of entertaining audiences from the Carolinas to Florida for the last 30 plus years and are still in demand today. We perform for Country Clubs, weddings, clubs and private parties.

Our unique blend of oldies, beach and classic rock is great for any occasion with weddings being our specialty.

There is a Goldrush combo for events with a smaller budget. However, none of the band performance is lost.

If you are looking for a true crowd pleasing Band, contact Frankie Walters at
910-740-9416 or email fwalters49@gmail.com for a good price on a Band that has had great reviews for many years.

Thanks so much for visiting our website,
Goldrush Band